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Oh Watchman, Oh Watchman, Watchman on the wall-Secure the gates, sound the alarm. Gird up your loins with My Truth and blow the Trumpet. Tell My people, tell them I AM coming. Guard the gates and watch upon the wall for the enemy, for he
sneaks in at the gateways and tries to slide through the windows. Bar the gates; secure the windows, cry out in the streets & warn My people “I” Am coming – I Am coming” – don’t let the enemy rob , steal, kill, & destroy the hope, the joy, the life , the deliverance I have for my children. I give life abundant, hope &
joy – Tell My people – I Am coming.
I have placed arrows in your quiver & keys in your hand. Use them as I instruct, Find the mark , send the arrow – strike with the sword;Speak my Word & drive the enemy out the door. Then turn & speak life to that dead situation.
Oh watchman, Watchman , guard my gates – sound the Trumpet- keep my city until I come.

Is the Great cloud of Witnesses separated into clicks

Carnal congregations have so many tricks

on earth as it is in Heaven ….selah Seven

The Prince of Peace is the King of Salem eliminating leaven

The remnant is waking up Yahshua’s the Star

come out come out come out where ever you are.

church splits and beef like those preachers biggie and pac

soon ushers will welcome you in with their hand on their gloc

tic toc funeral services in the church building

who decided to bring dead bodies amongst Yah’s children?

I’m free I’m free claiming the Victory

In Yahshua not over Yah’s people the so called Laity

who are all priest …royal …the hood is loyal

leviathon must be cast out or that snake will coil

like a boa constricta squeezing and choking pokemon pokin weedin and cokin

dont think im smokin i’m not jokin

but whats provokin the the real saints to start walkin

Mr …. you preachin for a long time … talkin and talkin.

the streetz iz watchin checkin your lifestyle for humility and meekness

but all they see is the pride .. the enemy knows your weakness.

But we know his ….and its the Blood of the Passover Lamb

Yahshua Ha Masheac Ruach ha Kodesh the Great I AM.

What if people flat out stop going to CHURCH?

A whole bunch of Pastors would be flat out of Work…

Monday mornin Lord now you got to get a Job

Offering plate Mafia taught you how to rob.

Brain wash , Mind control pimpin dem tricks.

Got the body of Jesus Christ rollin in CLICKS…

Baptist, methodist cogic whoopty whoop

the top of the pyramid not really part of the group.

The heads connect politic at the Players Ball…

When dem demons start manifesting who you gonna call.

Pastor this and Pa Pa Pastor that Pastor at the mall fresh Gators and the matching Hat.

So before you rebuke remember I AM free

Go Holla at your Pimp and tell Him or Her to holla at Me

Let’s pray. Father, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, I take the authority you gave us, and from the Third Heaven, high above all demons and WATCHERS, I attack and bind all WATCHERS. I destroy your power. I blind your third eye, and I ask for an angel of the Lord to take a sharp knife and pluck it out. I terminate your assignment, and I put a gag in your mouth so that you cannot report to anyone. I sprinkle the Blood of Jesus on you. I cover all of us praying this prayer with the Blood of Jesus, and ask for giant warrior angels to protect us, in the name of Jesus.

When i joined the frat i did not think twice about memorizing all those poems and info i was a child of SATAN………….dont trip if you are not born again Satan is your FATHER……….But when I became a brand new creature the old man died and i began

To eat the Bread of Life
and Drink the Living Water that Flows
From the Rock of all Ages
Only God Knows how this story goes AND
Oh it is Written All in His Word


And when i finally saw the Kingdom of God I picked up my cross and began to DIE DAILY…..

╔╗ For The
║║╔═╦╦╦═╗+ . . * +
║╚╣║║║║╩╣* * . + * Of
╚═╩═╩═╩═╝.*.* YAHSHUA! this is why i am Hot my God is a Consuming FIRE
╔╗ For The
║║╔═╦╦╦═╗+ . . * +
║╚╣║║║║╩╣* * . + * Of
╚═╩═╩═╩═╝.*.* Money …..this is why your NOT on Fire for God


Fake bible thumpers get bumrushed from both sides
cuz when it goes down they dont really wanna ride.
slip and slide doubleminded and very unstable
like direcTV in a thunderstorm thats why i got cable.
hot or cold cool luke warm is in the middle.
tossed into the oven for not solving a riddle
wake up from sleep… the Good Shepard is after His sheep..
Lazarus is not dead so mary dont you weep.
Rebuking the enemy for turning men into mice
Stop rollin the dice Hell aint nothing nice
The Passover Lamb of God paid the Price
Yahshua Ha Masheac some call Him Jesus Christ.
and thats THE WORD

Oh you aint astral projectin
you just a philly blunt roller
playin tarot cards like regular greeks play ,spades ,bid whiz and poker
you aint never seen a smoker
cuz you too young for that
but if you are who i think you are you on that thang that they call new jack
just say no to crack and give that weed pipe a break
but on the real i thak you real it is these other dudes who are fake
So yes i am gonna love you even though you dont wish me well
and i will continue to pray for your soul
Yahshua can break the chains that bind you up from HELL

The Blood of Yahshua was shed for even enemies of the cross
the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected is for the lost

no need to cut chicken heads off or fly around like harry potter

your rap skills are tight you wannabee sean carter… he also be trying to kill Jesus but you know he already died.
the Resurection of the Messiah is death to a foolish man’s PRIDE

Plucks out your third eye now your two eyes that were created by My YAH begin to CRY the realization of the lie
Snake cults are as american as apple pie

can you hear shofar blowin walls breaking infrastructures crashing demon spirits dashing as i unleash this beautiful lashing

so while you ride goats backwards i will continue to warn the sheep
and remember when casting spells you can sow but be prepared to reap…

why not reap love In Yahshua You can REST this life that you are living in reality is JUST A TEST

Your failing the test but homie its never too late
you want it right now but with Yahshua you gonna have to wait..
no patience …but life will teach some vital lessons,
vital signs, flat lines ,every now and then bring precious blessins no need for guessin i’m not your enemy you made of flesh
but them spirit guides you chillin with get no rest, yes its the Blood of The Passover Lamb that frees, i shoot the breeze ,under carolina palm trees 95 17 come across da traxxx when dem lights go out it aint nothin but blacks, root workers ,crack smokers ,and some of dem iz preachers ..its gonna take a real miracle to reach ya but LOVE gone teach ya ..Dem demons will only beat ya like your big brother from back in the daze who was glad to meet ya…Meet the Greeks who at first was your best friend until you went on line and caught that cane agin and agin …an evil grin is the grill that the made ones make as they death march to a memorial service after a wake. Wake up Wake up somebodies calling your name……..

Holy Disco
Holy Blues
Holy Goth
Holy Acid
Holy R&B
Holy smokes Batman they even got Holy rock and roll and Holy hip-hop
Holy witches Holy warlocks when will the madness stop.

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Angels will be singing
And those who are at this concert In Heaven and on Earth ear’s will not be ringing

When the Holy Ghost Comes, hay straw and stubble will burn
precious metals silver and gold will become PURE
when the wicked become humble and TURN

So sing your songs and dance your dance before Yahshua Ha Masheac our Sovereign King
But remember this His Word is TRUE
Abel came with a Lamb ;
Cain came with the fruit of the feild
Be Mindful of what you BRING.

Now fellow saints dont get mad cuz if you really saved we One
The Heavenly Father is One with The Only Begotten Son
Thats us we the Body and it never ceases to amaze me
If a man punch his self in the face then he is truly crazy
but trip aint nothing wrong with cutting off your eye..
If it causes you to sin cuz even blind men cry…..
Tears of Joy P praying for men like Stevie Wonder.
Lightning strikes and if you have ears then you hear the thunder.
Healing for the sick, Sight to the Blind and Hearing for the deaf
The sheep are on the Right the goats are on the Left.
In the Center is the Truth and many call Him Jesus Christ.
Yahshua is The Way , the Truth, and The Life.


You was a Christian individual
then you did the ritual
cross  the burning sands  and hazing became habitual
why you walking walking with a brick in your hand?
32 degreez  freeze   you a baby  shriner my man.
goats ride camels while you stand still at the base.
Your blindfold is invisible a Pyramid is in your face.
the top is on your ones  now you have a third eye.
the only way to survive homie is your flesh has got to die.
Awake o Sleeper and arise from the DEAD
The mind of Yahshua is trying to get up  in your head.
The Comforter is here to lead you into the Truth
Go Back to how you was raised  Go back to the God of your youth
And if you never knew the Creator of the Universe
The Blood of Yahshua was shed to take away the curse

I dig your afrikan/kemetian mumbo jumbo ritualistic gumbo
I must stay humble never rumble as your tower of babel crumbles
Pink floyd said it best when he sung another brick in the wall
baby chickens learning to crawl when i stumbled upon the final call
lets take it back to 85 where loose lips would always sink ships
nose wide open smelling hips stealing for the brothers while burning my finger tips
religion is all i had and i lost that like tupac shakur
aids has no cure? but the faith i have is pure
i smell a bucket of manure
a foul stinch its the grench all spirits are not the same
game recognize game The Blood of Yahshua can heal the broken hearted and Lame
In order to see the kingdome of Yah you must be born Again
i am not your enemy  and one day you may greet me as a friend.

Wake up brother you  dreamin with visions of blaspheming
a nightmare is screamin the product of clay is called seamen
I see men who wanna be god but they will and must die
these dudes  dont care about you they’ll leave you where you lie
but the God that came in the flesh was walking in the Garden
hearts begin to harden as Governors sign your parden
from state to state useless the 20 bars are not physical
i’ll spit out 20 more just to show you it gets critical analytical
my thesis is not written on paper an inward circumcision
got spectators catchin the vapors some serious
haters wrestleling with  pinc alligators
get out the way and let the players play in the Himalayas
all day i keep it 100 at 41
I worship the Son of the living God while you worship the sun
check Romans 1 thats how it got perverted and twisted
twist it back before its too late and you hollering i missed it.

Born Again in a BGLO  this is the thread.
dont trip off what he said or she said
rebuke the rumours in your head
your seeing red but chill relax take a little water
i am not hear to harm i look at you like sons and daughters
you sinners got plenty threads why monkey up in here?
rebellion is as witchcraft the donkeys  up in here.
Numbers 22 especially for you insider goat riders
for those who spark lighters, ryhme biters and dog fighters
why come in the water thread showing your emotional side.
the words will never hide whats going on inside.
Living for Yahshua is an ice cold decision
with out permission doubleminded  brains cause division
sorry dude you cant have it both ways. worship and praise
i blaze trails for those in a daze and bay bay bayz
But water the pharoah stuff is so cool ,the ankhs, and the egyptian tombs, the bananas ,  gorillas ,the nasty hip hop tunes
we like strollin and you know we do plenty  community service
chill homie Yahshua Saves maybe thats why you so minervous

a 12 gauge woke me up in the back of a 83 caprice classic
plenty smoke wrapped in plastic how did the choir boy  end up in this casket?…I couldnt tell yah around dem parts dem dogs will smell ya and thats on some real parafanelia……
Faceoff i dont face and control that soul
perfect love is how i cast it out…
As i wrestled with a mind killer 8 years ago check my flow..
me and dude bout to blast it out..its on beyond a shadow of a doubt my esoteric lingo was tight They showed me some light but i knew it wasnt right It is as simple as black and white

from kaballah to allah im in the books real heavy …i now roll in a chevy with purple and gold plates on the front Philly Phil got the Philly blunt Ga plates on the back …My whole team  is crack.

Dog fights is the scene If lady dont know ya she is rippin out your spleen.There is no love for the fiends..Yea i mean

my nuclear canine  was  out  of control ..Heart ice cold was taking a toll..
with loot for the tricks who swing from a greasy pole.All this while my name was on the roll.
I told you before i never left the fold.I was placed in a Consuming fire and came out PURE GOLD Yah gave back the years that the enemy stole.
I know you feel this old man who lived  to tell the story
The tales of a dead man who lived to Give Yah the Glory
with spiritual ryhme skills  dipped in the Blood of the  Lamb
All praises are due to The Great I AM ….
I AM living water call it H2O
separate the Hydrogen and let the elements Blow

YUUUUU Lampin like flav im a hit you with the realness
the streets is gonna feel this Ezekiel  is how i wheel this
Yahshua’s  how i Heal this  P is not religious
church pimpin dont fade me  False priest thought they played me
The word of Yah is what made me witchcraft is in the building
rebuke the enemy swinging wood on Yah’s children.
The wilderness will test you i came out of Hell smokin
The fire in your chest is not the reason you are chokin
leviathan a snake cult that gets the two edged swords
these are the last days and they comin in hordes
chevys and Fords I’m a ride ride slip and slide
tinted windows dont mean nothin they know whose inside
Bruh P……… the artist formally known as Philly Phil
Armor and shield fresh out of the pit ready to spit
get it get it Fall to your knees time to feel the fire
Sean blaze the 11 track Holy Spirit take me higher
Mellow in the mire liar liar check my gospel choir
Harmonies from heaven risen  like leaven Bread in your Head
set the captives free Yahshua break the chains
all that remains is pain Gnashing of teeth
you got beef set it off cuz stress kills in these days and times
spiritual wars need spiritual rhymes
from the beginning to the end of time
Alef and Tav I AM Abraham Isaac and the Ram
The Passover Lamb Yahshua

When angels come for real they get checked like dirtbags
straight up demons in drag serving up toe tags from rags to riches
in the hood they killin snitches for droppin dimes when true crimes are
blood stained britches scratch it itches watch the screen for computer glitches thats your real big brother i broke my tie to them witches
I do this for free my treasure is laid up….your dues are paid up …
Homie I’m prayed up….wake up…  i stayed up…..
Yahshua created man and was in the bush burnin  parted the red sea
now vp is finally learnin and when you start turnin the enemy is gonna hate..i came with wedding invitations brother dont hesitate…
vp is my neighbor those spirits dont really love
mention the Blood of Yahshua and watch how dem demons meanmug
Sisters give him a hug
All you need is a wife
but first my nizzel dont trip you need The Way The Truth and The LIFE
I rebuke Death in the name of Jesus Christ …..Yahshua
The Word is sweeter than Kahlua say HalleluYah

Some say i shouldn’t chop it up  with a brother who practices voodoo
but who are you? and are you honest about what you do?
see p is a brand new creature  but i remember back in the dayz when i was caught up  in a purple haze 6 million wayz

before the gospel music the  gospel playz some thought it was just a phaze then the wife came the 4 babies 2 little fellas and two little ladies

The tears flow it just amazes me  its crazy who knows
I know my Yah can speak through Beyonce and really get at Jay Z dont praise me

when i flow this thang i just cant let go it got me for real broken hearts can heal Isiah 58 the hungry need a meal the thirsty just need a drink stop listen and think

The world is on the brink world war 3  disaster after disaster but theirs Rest in the Master no need to worship your pastor dont you know who you Are?

You are The light of the World with the Bright and Morning Star Yahshua in the center Knocking at the Door of your heart offering a brand new start waiting for you to answer so He can enter.

He will take your burdens i mean all who are heavy laden and now i am really faden so My Yahshua can increase we are the body of the Prince of Peace. The Body of the Messiah Let his love take you Higher and higher now thats Fire

Water Living Water Brother Phil is not for hire the hireling will cause the sheep to scatter no foolish chit chatter the uncompromising word is the real crux of the matter…..Family


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  1. I thought David had the title as the baddest psalmist/poet. Look out King David!!!

    Comment by anointedvessel — March 9, 2008 @ 11:46 am | Reply

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